Stella 69mm Wheel Gel Orange

$ 39.99

 Stella 69mm Wheel
 The small size and fast thane makes the Stella 69s great for acceleration. The quare lips are equally comfortable gripping or drifting the same corner. Stella 69s are at home on the race course as well as slashing the streets.
Specifications: Shape: Offset

Size: 65mm x 55mm

Durometer: 78A

Contact Patch: 50MM
Recommended Use: Longboard decks, Technical Racing and Downhil, Cruising, Freeride, Carving

Boards used: Drop Through, Blockhead / Lowrider, Bamboo Kicktail, Kicktail, Beer Runner, 38" Kicktail, Bluntnose, 42" Pintail, and Pintail.

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